Friday, November 28, 2008

Q&A : PC Clock keeps resetting, what's happening?

My computer keeps resetting its clock backwards--sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days, sometimes as much as two months. It's only started in the past week or two. I'm not hooking another device up to it, and trying to get it to synch with Micro$oft or NIST fails. It even happens while it's continuously powered up.

What does it think it's doing?

The usual cause of this is a dead or dying internal battery. Easy fix in most cases following these simple steps.

Step 0 - turn off the PC and unplug the PC. Yes, unplug it.

Step 1 - open the case. This will usually involve removing 2-5 screws of some kind. Under no circumstances should you call an engineer. They will be there all week.

Step 2 - locate the battery. This will usually be a small round and flat disc somewhere on the mother board.

step 3 - GROUND YOURSELF! touch part of the metal case -before- touching the pc guts.

Step 4 - Carefully remove the old battery by prying it up with a small screw driver. You shouldn't have to force it.

Step 5 - Drive down to the local battery store or Radio Shack and ask the pimple faced person behind the counter for a replacement. Do not mix them up!

Step 6 - Ground yourself again before attempting insertion. If you can feel the zap, it's enough to fry your system.

Step 7 - insert new battery, close up the patient and power it on. Set your clock. It should now stay settled.

If that's too hard, find a local pc shop, call them and ask how much to swap in a new battery. It's a 10 minute job for most desktops.

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