Monday, January 5, 2009

Choosing a Domain Name for your new Web Site by Bob Hubbard

Choosing a Domain Name for your new Web Site
by Bob Hubbard

Choosing your domain name is a key part of your online presence. Your name should reflect you, be short, easy to remember, and help people think of you.

Choosing one is easy, as is registering it. The hard part unfortunately is finding one that meets your needs, because so many good names are already taken by others. Researching for available names can sometimes take hours, even for professionals.

There are many different endings for your domain name. The most common ones are .com, .net and .org, with .com being the preferred one. Other extensions exist such as .ca for Canadian domains, and for United Kingdom sites. Rates for registration vary depending on where you register it, and which extension you are using. $8-15 per year is normal for a .com domain.

When picking names, avoid ones with a - or _ between words. Most people will forget to type those in and will end up somewhere else.

Avoid numbers as well, unless they are part of your business name. Some people use their phone numbers for example, or street address, and later regret it if they relocate the business.

When I discuss possible names with my clients, I often ask them for a list of key words and phrases that describe their business. I'll use those as well as the business's name to find available names for consideration.

One important thing to remember when you do register. Double check that spelling! Registration fees aren't refundable, so be certain before you push that button.


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