Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Going VIPRE.

So, I've ditched Adaware, Spybot and AVG in favor of this. So far, so good. Anyone else familiar with it?

Based on the recommendation of a friend of mine, I gave this a try. Fixed a few performance issues on one laptop, and found 2 major problems with another system that were missed by 2 other products.

The latest version of Adaware borked stuff in my system. I've been doing major registry editing to fix the last few days..

I've uninstalled adaware, spybot and avg just prior to installing vipre. So far, I'm running smooth again first time in days.

15 day trial. After that, it's $30.

If you do try this, be certain to download the program first, disconnect from the net, then uninstall any other antivirus and spyware blockers. Running multiple antiviruses can cause serious problems, especially if one is Norton/Symantic or McAfee.

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